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Mexican Chimichurri steak bites


Carne asada sliced into bites, seared to perfection and paired with Mexican-style chimichurri salsa of blended fresh cilantro, jalapeño, parsley, garlic, and a hint of oregano.


$12.00 (order of 3)

light, crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside fried avocado, atop a citrusy radish + greens garnish, Mexican black bean puree and avocado crema. 

('Frito' means fried in Spanish)

Short Rib Barbacoa Tacos

$19.00 (order of 3)

seared and braised beef short ribs, slow cooked in a Mexican chile and red wine sauce until fork tender. Served with a blended crema of guacamole + queso fresco; garnished with red house-pickled onions.

Keto Tacos

All served on a romaine lettuce shell


carnitas + pineapple pico de gallo + crema (3 for $14)

Grilled Chicken

grilled chicken + avocado + scallions + crema + cotija (3 for $14)


shrimp + chipotle crema + pickled onions + red cabbage (3 for $14)

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